Back Pain Management

Back Pain Management

Back pain is a problem that concerns a vast majority of people nowadays and can be a result of many factors. The doctors at Yashoda Hospital acknowledges this fact and this is the reason why the hospital offers a lot of treatment options which include non-invasive, Invasive and minimally invasive procedure. If you are experiencing continuous back pain it is very important to consult a specialist immediately as this might be an indication of a severe spinal problem. Back pain may also be a result of problems related to the neck such as cervical spondylosis. You can find some of the best doctors for back pain management at Yashoda hospital. The hospital also has its own specialised lab where X-rays, MRI and other tests and screening can be easily performed to detect the root cause of the pain. The hospital has helped innumerable patients to get rid of their back pain.

Non-invasive treatment for back pain management involves the use of medicines and ointments as well as massage and physiotherapy. Some of the most common medicines used to manage back pain include

Painkillers - these are non-steroidal drugs with anti Inflammatory properties. These can prove to be very helpful in treating acute back pain and discomfort. However, these should be taken in prescribed quantities only as excessive use of these can damage other organs as well.

Muscle relaxants - these are usually recommended when painkillers fail to give desired results. These, however, have certain side effects and can make you feel dizzy.

Topical pain relievers - these include creams and ointments that are to be applied directly on the affected area to give instant relief.

Narcotics - these are special drugs that contain opioids. They are prescribed for a very short time and should only be taken under medical prescription. Antidepressants - these are prescribed to patients suffering from chronic back pain.

Injections - is oral medication and ointment fail to work, doctors might prescribe injections for instant pain relief. The prescribed injections usually have anti-inflammatory properties and help to minimise the inflammation around the nerve tools.

Massages - special massages using various different types of oils and ointments can help to relieve the strain from your back muscles and give instant relief.

Physiotherapy - physiotherapy is one of the most widely opted procedures for treating back pain. It includes a variety of mild exercises that are suggested by a specialised physiotherapist. These exercises are to be performed on daily basis and can be easily performed at home as well.

In case the patient has chronic back pain and is not experiencing any positive results due to non-invasive techniques, there might be a need for surgery. The surgery usually the last resort of the doctors when all other techniques fail to work. Back surgery can be very complicated and hence should only be performed by specialised doctors and surgeons. Usually, the surgery is opted to treat deformities, discs and fractures in the spine.

If you suffer from constant or frequent back pains and want to get rid of the problem then Yashoda hospital is your final destination.

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