Cord Blood Transplant

Cord Blood Transplant

Cord blood is the bases of blood cells. It comes from the umbilical cord through which a child is connected to a mother. During birth, doctors collect the blood from umbilical cord and preserve it. However, it is the choice of parents whether to preserve the cord blood or not. It is, however, highly recommended to preserve the cord blood cells during birth as it can not only save your child’s life in future but can also help others in fighting chronic ailments.

Yashoda Hospitals have highly-advanced facilities to preserve and store cord blood cells. Cord blood cells have shown revolutionary results when transplanted in patients suffering from bone marrow failure or other chronic malignant and non-malignant diseases.

How is cord blood used in bone marrow transplant?
Unlike stem cells from donor’s bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells, cord blood do not require to be closely matched. The process for cord blood transplant is similar to other procedures.

Are there any risks or complications?
It is observed that there are lesser complications in case of cord blood transplant as compared to other procedures.

Will my child be at risk if I donate cord blood cells?
Not at all, cord blood is collected from umbilical cord and not from child. It is not only safe but is also beneficial for your child’s future.

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