Deceased (Cadaveric) Donor Liver Transplantation

Deceased (Cadaveric) Donor Liver Transplantation

Both living Donor liver transplant and deceased Donor liver transplant serve the same purpose that is to help patients suffering from chronic liver disease. However both the procedures differ from each other depending upon the type of Donor used for the transplant. Deceased donor liver transplant or cadaveric liver transplant is the type of liver transplant in which the healthy liver is taken from the body of a deceased patient. The procedure is majorly used in the case of a complete liver transplant which is used for patients whose complete liver has been damaged due to an injury sustained in an accident or a chronic liver disease.

Deceased liver transplant is usually carried out with the help of organ banks where people can willingly and register themselves to donate their organs after their death. It is not only the liver but various other organs as well that can be easily donated via the help of an organ bank. Once a person dies his body is brought to the bank where the organs are carefully taken out and preserved at very low temperature. Sometimes the family members of the deceased person take the decision of donating his/her organs.

Before the liver transplant is conducted, all the necessary tests and screening are carried out to make sure that the available liver matches the donor or else it can lead to severe complications. Although the procedure is offered at all the leading organ transplantation Hospitals in India, however, we at Yashoda Hospitals guarantee you the best treatment as we have a specialised team of doctors and surgeons who give utmost priority to the safety of the patient. There are comparatively higher chances of organ rejection in case of deceased donor liver transplantation. Our doctors perform the surgery after keeping all such possible complications in mind and preparing for them beforehand.

The patient and his family are informed about the procedure and its outcomes before conducting the surgery and the surgery is carried out only after the patient gives his consent for it. Surgery is usually the last resort of the doctors. All other treatment procedures are tried and surgery is carried out only if these fail to give desired results.

The surgery is carried out by using equipment and machines based on advanced technology which helps to give high Precision and accuracy and reduce complications. A specialised team of dietitians and physiotherapist are also there to help you after the surgery. The patient might need to take anti-rejection medicines throughout his life.

It is very important to note that liver transplant is a very complicated procedure and should only be carried out by experts. It is hence advisable to consult the best liver doctors and surgeons if you are planning to undergo a liver transplant. Also, the transplant help to add some more years to the life of the patient and there the chances that a patient might need another transplant after some years. Make sure you follow all the instructions and guidelines given by your doctor to make sure that such problems do not arise.

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