Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

The Center of Orthopedics here at Yashoda Hospitals is known for its effective and world-class treatment ensuring specialized procedures for all joint and bones related ailments. The department caters the Joint Replacement surgeries with finest experts who are highly qualified professionals and their way of working stands at par with quality standards as followed up on the world-class levels of medical field. We at Yashoda Hospitals keep no stone unturned to provide the best medical services.

The availability of all medical equipment in the unit is made possible after a thorough check of all set standard guidelines as requested by the respective authorized organizations of medical field(s). We offer a detailed diagnostic assessment of the joints to bring the expertise of Joint Replacement Treatments with various effective imaging scans including, computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, ultrasound, biopsy and, arthrograms. Our motive is aimed at keeping the course of Joint Replacement surgeries in complete accuracy by accomplishing precision in diagnosis. The provision of various types of joint replacement surgeries at Yashoda Hospitals shines over the entire field of medical expertise in the country. We offer advanced surgical treatments for, hip joint, knee joint, elbow joint, and shoulder joint. In all of these respective fields, our Department of Joint Replacement offers world-class techniques of surgery which are laced with technological advancements.

We always ensure that each of the joint replacement surgery is performed after proper evaluation of the patient's medical history and their overall health condition; the eligibility and suitability of any of these surgeries are assured by the availability of highly precise medical equipment and the commendable work experience our team of experts.

We keep our services update with ongoing developments in medical field, all types of joint replacement surgery as offered by our department are specifically designed on the lines of minimal invasive surgeries (MIS) so that the proficiency of the course of entire treatment can be made accessible to its best potential. In all the ways, the advantages offered by the profoundly advanced ways of minimally invasive surgeries ensure that the period of rehabilitation is quick and the scarring remains minimum.

The result of joint replacement surgeries performed by our certified experts at the Yashoda Hospitals is not only popular but is known for their effective outcomes. The long-term range of these operations makes them recommendable as by the best heads of the medical department.

When is Joint Replacement Surgery recommended?
There are various reasons that can cause joint pain and lead the patients to consider joint replacement surgery. Joint pain can be caused by damage to the cartilage that surrounds the bones—either from arthritis, a fracture, or any other condition.

If nonsurgical interventions like medications, physical therapy, and changes to daily routine activities do not relieve your pain and disability, then our surgeon may recommend total joint replacement surgery depending upon the clinic case.

What are the outcomes of the surgery?
After the surgery and continuous physical therapy, the majority of patients can perform daily routine activities with ease. The patient can expect an improved quality of life with less pain, improved mobility & strength.

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