Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Here at Yashoda Hospital, our Centre of Orthopaedics is based upon the standard guidelines of world-class medical facilities. We provide fine expertise in a variety of respective fields, one of the most appreciated surgery performed is the Knee Replacement Surgery which is headed by a team of highly qualified experts and advanced high-end medical instruments and equipment. The availability of highly accurate medical equipment and their up-to-date maintenance with the present technological changes makes the entire department of Knee replacement a highly successful comprehensive unit of effective treatments. The experts at Yashoda have garnered their dynamic experience from ages of successful working profiles in a variety of medical cases; their expertise is strengthened up from their highly qualified educational background.

We at Yashoda Hospital ensure that the treatments are provided in their highest quality levels, the outcomes are calculated for success with a proper course of medical help including diagnosis, treatment and follow up with an effective rehabilitation program. For a clear diagnosis, we provide a knowledgeable staff which can successfully carry forward the intricacies of a detailed diagnostic assessment of the problem which provides a productive backdrop to the specifically curated treatment program to be made available for the client. The Department of Knee Replacement has highly precise diagnostic procedures, the use of ultrasound is recommended for cases of sports injuries, ligament tears and early cases and cases of rheumatoid arthritis. Computed tomography (CT) scans are effective in evaluating the abnormality of the knee with ultra-high resolution techniques, especially for complex fractures. Fractures are well assessed with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test which works with high radio frequency pulses. Bone Mineral Densitometry Scan (DEXA Scan) has made the diagnostic procedure effective with evaluation of the condition of osteoporosis which makes an individual vulnerable towards fractures. The utilisation of real-time imaging is performed under arthograms for a detailed study of the anatomy of the knee joint. CT guided Biopsy ensures that the cause of the problem is diagnosed with precision.

The anatomical structure of the knee and its importance in the musculoskeletal system is profoundly learnt by our team of experts. The surgical treatment for knee problems is performed with utmost procession because the range of flexibility and movement of the lower body is majorly decided by the anatomical structure of a normal knee. In any case, either due to high energy collisions or various sorts of mishaps, the knee can suffer major damages which can only be treated with proper knee replacement surgery. When one is looking for knee replacement, the option does not always have to end with total knee replacement surgery. In our Department of Knee Replacement, a variety of surgical options are offered which are performed after checking the eligibility of the patient by evaluating his or her extent of damage in the region of the knee, its likewise impact on the patient and the general well-being of the patient.

For an effective knee replacement surgery, the process of treatment is initiated with a detailed diagnostic procedure comprising of efficient imaging scans and a thorough check of the patient's medical history. The surgical treatment advances primarily with the removal of the damaged cartilage surfaces of the bones and related parts in the structure of the knee, a small amount of the underlying bone beneath the damaged portion is also removed. Once this step has been performed, the next step moves forward by positioning the prosthesis on the original position of the removed parts, depending upon the type of damage, the resurfacing of the patella is performed. If the surgeons have to resurface the patella, they make an incision in the patella's undersurface and then substitute it with a plastic button. Finally, to provide a smooth gliding surface as in the normal anatomical structure of the knee, a special medical-grade plastic spacer is positioned between the substituted artificial parts.

  • Indications for Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Severe pain and stiffness in knees.
  • Less sleep because of painful knees.
  • Swollen Knee.
  • Bowed or defective knee.
  • No relief with physical therapy & medications.

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