Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Living Donor liver transplant is a type of liver transplant in which only a part of the patient's liver is replaced instead of the whole liver. The new donated liver is taken from the body of a living person who can be a close family member of the patient for a stranger who is willing to donate a part of his liver and fills all the eligibility criteria. Living Donor liver transplant is used for patients whose liver is partially affected by a chronic disease or an accident. In such cases, only the part of the liver that has been damaged needs to be replaced and the other part is kept intact. Liver transplant is one of the most commonly performed organ transplants in India.

The liver is one of the largest glands of human body responsible for the secretion of various juices and enzymes that help in the digestion of the food we eat. The liver also regulates various metabolic processes in our body and also helps to purify the blood. Many people Fairfax donating a part of their liver can lead to various side effects. However, it must be noted that the liver has regenerative properties which means that the liver cells have a tendency to grow and multiply and this is the reason why the procedure is very safe for the donor as grows back the donated part of his liver within a few months.

We are Yashoda Hospitals give at most priority to the health and safety of both the patient as well as the donor. We have a specialized lab where all the tests and screenings are conducted to make sure that the patient and the donor are compatible. The blood group of the donor must be the same as that of the patient or else he/she is considered ineligible for the donation. Also, the health of the donor is as important as that of the patient and it should be made sure that the donor is not suffering from any chronic disease. Both the donor and the patient should be healthy enough to undergo the procedure as it involves a lot of blood loss and is accompanied by a number of complications.

Liver transplant is carried out in three steps.

Step I involves the surgical removal of the damaged part of the liver from the patient's body. Our team of specialists makes sure that while doing so all the surrounding healthy tissues are left intact.

Step II involves the removal of a healthy portion of a liver from the donor's body. Before doing this all the tests are conducted to make sure that the donor is healthy in enough and eligible to undergo the procedure. Only a small part of the liver is removed and rest I'd left intact.

Step III involves the placement of the healthy liver taken in step II, inside the body of the recipient. Once this part is attached properly, the wound is stitched up and covered.

Both the patient and the donor may be required to stay in the hospital until the wound heals properly. Certain precautions are to be taken which are briefly explained by our doctors.

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