Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

The word ‘Cancer’ is enough to take any one off their ground, but it is not the end of life and cancer can be treated 100%. Yashoda Hospitals we offer comprehensive treatment in fighting all types of cancers. We offer some of the most advanced and effective treatment which have been introduced by Yashoda hospitals in India.

The Medical Oncology department at Yashoda, takes care of all the medical procedures like Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormonal Therapy and Targeted Therapy as a part of comprehensive treatment plan. The department works in tandem with other two wings of Oncology department, i.e. Surgical Oncology and Radiation Oncology.

A patient, when comes to Yashoda, instead of being given a long list of tests and medicines or a date for surgery is welcomed by our experts who counsel them thoroughly before the beginning of cancer treatment. Cancer treatment is a long journey and our experts keep up with every patient till they leave our premises with sans any cancer in their body.

Our team, at Medical Oncology department consists of highly skilled doctors and staff who work towards preventing, diagnosing and treatment of cancer. The Medical Oncology department at Yashoda offers multi-modality therapies. We have all the facilities for in-stay patients and out-patients as well. The therapy rooms are well-equipped and can accommodate large number of patients.

The therapy services at Yashoda Hospitals offer treatments for specialized outpatient chemotherapy with chemoports and haematological neoplasm in adults and children and solid tumors as well. The types of therapies offered at Yashoda are:

Chemotherapy is the primary treatment for cancer. The process involves drugs which are used to destroy cancer cells. The drugs target the multiplying cells and restrict the growth of any new cancer cell. The therapy, however, can destroy some healthy cells in the process and involve lot of side-effects but patients can overcome after the treatment is done successfully.

Immunotherapy is a new alternative to chemotherapy which has many side-effects. In this process the immune cells in a patient’s body are enhanced to fight cancer cells naturally. The immune cells can be processed in laboratory and then injected in patient’s body to improve their immune system function. This is done through drug therapy, dendritic cell therapy or cancer vaccines.

Targeted Therapy
Targeted therapy is used to limit the cancer cells in one area and stops them to spread anywhere else in the body. The drugs target specific genes or proteins which are found in cancer cells. The drugs target these genes and stop the cancer cells in spreading to other organs.

Hormone Therapy
In case of cancers which are directly connected with the growth of hormones in body like Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate cancer or uterine cancer, hormone therapy is recommended by cancer specialists at Yashoda. In this treatment drugs are used to restrict the growth of hormones which prevents those hormones from making any new cancer cells.

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