Pediatric Liver Transplant

Pediatric Liver Transplant

Watching a child suffer is the biggest nightmare for any parent. No one wishes to see an innocent child bear any pain or lose out on living a healthy life due to any ailment or disease. But sometimes God has other plans for testing endurance. Yashoda Hospital supports each parent who is fighting for their child’s well-being and offer advanced treatment in treating liver diseases. Our Liver Transplant center is a place where complex and chronic liver diseases are treated through liver transplantation. The Pediatric wing exclusively focuses on the cases catering to young children as they need more attention and advanced treatment.

We make sure that every child receives world-class treatment at our Liver Transplant center which is equipped with the latest technology. The team of doctors is highly skilled and are globally competent to perform all kinds of procedure. What extra we offer, is an empathetic hand and warmth which is much needed by a child. Yashoda Hospital has not only been a pioneer in introducing advanced treatment in India but is also known for its post-surgical follow-ups and offering a holistic treatment plan to its patients. We make sure that we stand by you even while you are away from us.

Before you come to us, let us answer the questions which are inhibiting your day & night:

Does my child need to go for a liver transplant in case of Jaundice?
No, not necessary, Jaundice is a very common disease and most children suffer from it during childhood. Usually, it heals with medicines; it is only in a few cases that it becomes chronic when the child fails to recover from it.

When is a child considered for a liver transplant?
Liver transplant is not an easy decision and it is only in end-stage liver diseases that a doctor recommends a liver transplant.

Which is the most common disease in children that can lead to Liver transplant?
Liver disease refers to the increase in toxins in the liver. Mostly, a doctor tries to heal a patient through medicines but in a disease like Biliary Atresia, it becomes difficult to heal liver, therefore, doctors go for a liver transplant.

What is the procedure for a liver transplant for children?
A child who is ailing from end-stage liver disease is only considered a candidate for a liver transplant after proper examination of the whole body, immune system, and other mandatory tests. Once all the tests are clear, the doctors search for a suitable donor.

Who can donate liver to my child?
The doctor’s look for a healthy liver which matches with your child’s liver. Any matching donor can donate a liver. In case of partial liver transplant, a living donor like parents or relatives can donate a liver. In case of full liver transplant doctors look for donated organs from a deceased donor.

Will my child have a normal life?
Yes, of course. After the liver transplant, your child can get back to normal life within 6 months and can also go on to have a happy married life without any fertility issues.

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