Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology

If you or your near and dear one has just found out that you have cancer, we can only imagine the pain that you must be going through. It is not just physical pain that comes with cancer as it not only affects the person who has cancer but also his or her family. We at Yashoda Hospital are in the forefront to provide relief of all sorts to the patient and their family, the much-needed support and help during this time are one of our primary concern. As the treatment proceeds, we at Yashoda Hospital provide not only the rigid course of treatment of cancer but we also provide patients with the mental and psychological support that they and their families need during this hour. We have a team of highly qualified well experienced doctors who deal with various cases of cancer and rather sensitively as they have accomplished experience from a spectacular number of patients and have understood just what the people need during this type of thing and therefore not only provide efficient and effective treatment but also the kind of support that is needed during such a time. It is a rather important thing that the patient understands the implications and complications of each and every treatment that they go through and that is something that the doctors at Yashoda hospital do by discussing in detail their treatment to be provided and the various options which are available to them. Let us explain to you the details of Radiation Oncology so that you can know the intricacies and proficiency of this method of treatment.

What actually is Oncology? How does it incorporate Radiation therapy?
Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with that deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The field of oncology has three major areas and they are radiation, medical and surgical. Radiation oncology or radiation therapy is the therapy that is used for the treatment of cancer and it is also known as radiotherapy.

What is included in Radiation Oncology?
Radiation Oncology involves the controlled use of high-energy radiation to treat cancer and other symptoms caused by cancer by using irradiation.Radiation destroys the ability of the cancer cells to reproduce, and the body naturally gets rid of these cells and affects cancer cells by damaging their DNA, so that the cancer cells can not divide and grow and is also most successful at killing cells that are actively dividing as cancer cells are more vulnerable to radiation because they divide more rapidly than normal cells, and they do not repair this damage as effectively as normal cells.

How is Radiation Oncology utilised to treat cancer?
Radiation Oncology is used in various forms to kill the cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying and growing and for this, therapeutic radiology is alone or with other types of treatment like surgery, chemotherapy, or other treatments to cure or control cancer or to alleviate pain or to alleviate other symptoms that are associated with cancer.

What stage or type of cancer can be effectively treated with Radiation Oncology?
Radiation Oncology is usually provided for a benign tumour that is at the beginning stage and when it is used for bigger tumours or in case of bigger cancer, it is usually given with surgery or chemo or other treatment to kill the cancer cells and to reduce the pain. It is given in small doses as it can damage the normal cells and is the reason why it is targeted to cancer cells. Radiation used after surgery is called adjuvant treatment and radiation used before surgery is called neoadjuvant treatment.

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