Renal Transplant

Renal Transplant

Kidney transplant is required when kidneys fails to function properly. A healthy kidney is taken from a living or deceased donor and is transplanted into patient who needs it. Often, due to some ailment, alcoholism or unknown factor, kidneys start to build toxins or stops working properly. Their main function is to remove waste from blood in form of urine and keep the blood purified. The failure of doing so becomes life threatening as it results in high blood pressure and release of other toxins in body. Therefore, doctors recommend kidney or renal transplant.

The Nephrology center at Yashoda Hospitals is well-equipped in offering kidney transplant services with high success rate. We have curated a strong team who are highly competent and experienced in their field and also boast of global recognition. Our department is not only manned with some of the finest of doctors and surgeons but has also supported them with highly skilled staff.

But, first let’s understand what kidney ailment is all about and does it always end up in kidney transplant? Well, the answer is No; it is not always that one needs to get a kidney transplant done. In fact, there are many cases where patients have been treated through medical therapy only. An end-stage renal disease has different anatomy and before going for kidney transplant, one should know about it.

Causes of End-stage kidney ailment:

  • Extremely high-blood pressure for many years can lead to damage to kidney if not controlled.
  • Diabetes has been a major cause for many ailments and kidney failure is one of them.
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Polycystic kidney disease

Can I go for Dialysis instead?
Dialysis is the immediate next step in kidney failure but it cannot be a permanent solution. If there are no chances of improvement, then doctor always advice for kidney transplant. Renal transplant will not only give you a new and healthy kidney but will also assure of normal life. However, there are certain contra-indications which stop doctors from recommending kidney transplant which include:

  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Any mental illness
  • Cancer
  • Senior age

What if both kidneys fail?
The wonder of human anatomy is still a mystery. Though, we have two kidneys but a person can lead a normal life even with one kidney, therefore, a living donor can also donate a kidney to a patient whose both kidneys have failed. Both can lead a normal life later.

Before you go for Kidney Transplant
Not all patients are considered a candidate for kidney transplant; experts at Yashoda will examine you thoroughly. There are certain tests which will be done to ascertain a patient’s eligibility, which are:

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • CT Scans
  • Blood tests
  • Psychological evaluation

How much time will it take to find a match?
In case of related donor who is willing to donate a kidney and is a perfect no time will take and you will be soon on your way to recovery. However, in case of an un-related donor the doctors will look for a perfect match before heading for a transplant surgery.

My health after Renal Transplant
After the successful transplant of a healthy kidney, you will see gradual improvement in your health and you will not require a dialysis anymore. It will take around 6 months for you to get back to a normal life. You will also need lifelong medication to avoid rejection of anew organ.

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