1. Yashodha Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital that aims at providing the best medical facilities to its patients at minimal prices. The hospital has a separate department of Orthopaedics that treats various problems related to the musculoskeletal system with methods and techniques that are based on latest technology. The hospital also offers minimally invasive procedures that ensure a high success rate and a shorter recovery period. Our specialists have been known to perform the best spine surgery in India and are even trusted by a lot of foreign patients as well. Spine surgery is a very complicated procedure and any mistake can permanently impair the patient. Our doctors are specialised in various procedures like revision deformities minimally invasive spine surgery, minimal excess muscle sparing lumbar spinal fusions, dynamic stabilisation procedures, revision spine surgery, cervical and selective lumbar disc arthroplasty and Fusion, minimally invasive spinal procedures in microsurgeries, navigation and electrophysiology assisted complex spine surgeries, spinal stabilization and deformity correction. The hospital offers treatment for problems like Scoliosis, Fracture Dislocation & Complex Post Tuberculosis Deformity as well.

    A spine-related problem can be very painful and prevent a person from living a normal lifestyle. Such problems may be congenital i.e present since birth or may be the result of an injury sustained in an accident. Some spine problems are also a result of excessive strain or wrong, posture. One of the major indications of spinal problems is back pain. The problem has become very common nowadays and this has led to a growing need for new and advanced procedures.

    Spine surgery can be performed in 3 different ways i.e anterior approach (through an incision in the abdomen), posterior approach (through an incision in the back and lateral approach (through an incision on the side of the patient's body). Some of the most common types of spine surgeries have been mentioned below:

    Discectomy - the procedure is also known as microdiscectomy and is used to treat herniated invertebral disc. The sole purpose of the surgery is to remove the pressure from the affected nerve and give instant pain relief. It is a minimally invasive procedure and is highly recommended by doctors worldwide.

    Laminectomy - this procedure also aimed at removing pressure from the compressed nerve and this is achieved by removing the laminae so as to make more space for the nerve. It is a decompression procedure.

    Laminotomy - this surgery is done by removing some part of the lamina which surrounds the spinal cord. The procedure involves the removal of only a smaller portion of the bone, unlike laminectomy.

    Foraminotomy - it involves the removal of a bone or tissue from the neuroforamen.

    Disc replacement - the surgery has the same purpose as fusion surgery which is to treat a damaged disc. This is done with the help of artificially created graphs made up of ceramics, plastic or steel

    Spinal fusion - the surgery is used to treat damaged spine by joining the separated vertebrae. The surgery is done with the help of rods, screws and other fixation devices. It is one of the best methods to treat spinal fractures.

    All these surgeries are to be followed by physiotherapy to restore the normal functioning of the spine in the best possible way.

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