Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management

Sports injuries as the name suggests are the various musculoskeletal injuries sustained while playing various sports that require a lot of physical exertion. Sports injuries not only impact a person physically but may also have a psychological impact as the patient may have to take a break from his/her sports career for some span of time. We at Yashoda Hospitals realize the importance of physical fitness and well-being for a sportsperson and also acknowledge the fact that sports injuries affect each and every player in his lifetime at least once if not more. Such injuries require special treatment and care. Most of these injuries come under the subspecialty of emergency and trauma care as they occur suddenly without any prior sign or warning. The sports injury management team at Yashoda Hospitals is trained with handling a wide range of sports-related injuries which include fractures, stress fractures, sprains, strains twisting/sprain of an ankle or wrists, ligament tears, tendon ruptures, shoulder dislocation or dislocated shoulder, shoulder impingement, muscle strain, repetitive motion injuries or overuse syndrome, damaged cartilage contusions etc.

Giving utmost priority to the safety and satisfaction of the patients, our doctors and surgeons opt for a treatment procedure only after conducting necessary screenings and proceed with utmost care and precaution. Apart from the treatment procedure, physiotherapy is also very important to help the patient cope up with the surgery and it also helps to speed up the process of recovery. Our team of specialists consists of sports medicine specialists, arthroscopic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists all dedicated to provide quality treatment to each and every patient.

Depending on the severity of the injury and the area affected, our specialists offer a wide range of treatment procedures based on high-class technology. Some of the most common injuries that are treated at Yashoda Hospitals include

Rotator cuff injury: Rotator cuff refers to the cluster of muscles and tendons that encompass the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff injury is caused by severe damage to the soft tissues of the rotator cuff. It leads to mild pain that can worsen over time and becomes unbearable while sleeping. As a result, the patient's arm begins to lose strength and it becomes difficult to carry out normal activities like combing, lifting objects etc. The injury is usually caused by excessive strain on the motor cuff caused by the repetitive use of the shoulder which is very likely to affect badminton and table tennis players. Treatment procedures include surgical repair of the cuff, transfer of alternative tendons or joint replacement.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear: The injury is marked by a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament which may be a result of sudden twisting. ACL is very common in people who indulge in rigorous sports like football, basketball, and tennis. The condition leads to chronic pain and inflammation. Treatment procedures include surgical repair or reconstruction of the affected ligament and are followed up by physical therapy.

Hamstring injury: refers to the damage caused to the hamstring due to excessive strain on the muscles located on the backside of the thighs and can be divided into three categories depending upon their severity.

Grade 1: Mild strain or pull
Grade 2: Partial muscle tear
Grade 3: Complete muscle tear

Tennis elbow: It is marked by excessive pain caused by the damage sustained by the soft tissues of the elbow and is common in sports like table tennis, basketball and badminton. The pain has a tendency to travel to the forearm muscles and reach the wrist and gradually the whole arm gets involved. Treatment options include conservative treatments as well as surgical treatments like elbow release for relief.

Not only these, but various other sports-related injuries can be easily tackled by our specialists with utmost perfection.

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