Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology

If you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, we can help provide the treatment and support that the patients and their families need. The pain is only understood by those who are going through a tough time but we can surely sympathize and provide support in every potential way. We have a team of highly trained and dynamically experienced oncologists that have been dealing with such cases since years and have developed a knack for understanding and providing just the appropriate treatment for you. We are well aware of the various efficient ways through which cancer can be treated and each one of it has its own benefits and complications and each way is preferred at a different stage, therefore, doctors at Yashoda Hospital study cancer deeply and discuss with their fellow doctors the best treatment plan that would suit you. The one-to-one direct contact of the oncologists with the patients provides a proficient interaction for helping you choose and it is ensured that you have active participation and an active role rather than just being a bystander. We have doctors that have really high on-hands experience and therefore they are expert at dealing with all the steps of the course of treatment including, a detailed diagnostic analysis and a proper rehabilitation program. In addition to that, the world-class management here at Yashoda Hospital offers both the mental and psychological support that the patients need as they understand how difficult it can be and provide constant support in any form and their best capacity.

Surgery may be used to diagnose and stage a cancer, remove the whole cancer, that is, tumor or mass, from the body, remove some of the tumor from the body as the surgeon may not be able to safely remove all of the cancer because it could harm other parts of the body and this is often called a debulking surgery and the rest of a tumour can be destroyed with radiation and ease the symptoms that are caused by cancer which is called palliative surgery and helps in reducing pain. The coming set of questions are framed to answer all your doubts regarding the use of Surgical Oncology for treating cancer.

What all can be treated by surgical oncology?
Surgical oncology is one option that is used to treat cancer and is the one that is the oldest of all. It is done to remove a tumour from the body and can be performed alone or with other treatments if required. Surgery can help in diagnosing, staging or treating cancer.

Can all type of cancers be treated with surgical oncology?
It is pertinent to know that not all cancers can be treated with surgery and that it is not recommended to all the patients and is given taking into consideration a lot of things like the type, size, location, grade and stage of the tumor, as well as general health factors like age, physical fitness and other medical comorbidities that might in any way affect the treatment and therefore we ensure first that the best option available for them is surgery and only then do we proceed with it.

Are there any risks associated with Surgical Oncology? And if there are then, what are they?
Some of the risks that are associated with the surgery are a pain, infection, delayed wound healing and bleeding. Although there are certain risks that are associated with the surgery and the doctors at Yashoda hospital make sure that the patients are all familiar with and aware of the risks that are associated with the surgery. Surgeons at Yashoda hospital will talk with you about the risks and benefits of your surgery.

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