Trauma Care

Trauma Care

Yashoda hospital is one of the most trusted names in the field of Orthopedics. The hospital offers a wide range of treatments with the help of machines and equipment based on the latest technological advancements. The hospital has a well efficient team of specialists dedicated entirely to trauma care and emergency. These consist of orthopedic surgeons, arthroscopic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, trauma surgeons, physiotherapist etc. We at Yashoda hospital realize that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere and this will call for emergency treatment, hence we offer trauma care facility 24/7 to make sure immediate treatment is provided to those in help. The hospital is known for its state of art infrastructure and high-class facilities. The doctors give utmost priority to the safety and satisfaction of the patients and make sure that each and every patient is treated in the best possible way. Trauma care not only focuses on bone and joint related injuries but also include the injuries related to the soft tissue which includes muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Traumatic injury refers to a physical injury that may occur suddenly owing to an accident, fall or blow to the limb. As a result, the patient might even go into a systematic shock often known as shock trauma and hence such injuries require immediate medical attention. Although you can find a large number of orthopedic hospitals in India but not every hospital offers a sub-specialty of trauma care. Such injuries cannot be simply tended by an orthopedic surgeon but require the guidance of a trauma surgeon. These injuries may also have a psychological impact on the patient and if not treated properly and on time the patient may even lose a limb. The doctors at Yashoda hospital are prepared to handle all kinds of bone and joint related injuries no matter how severe they are. Their utmost priority is to save the limbs of our patients and they mostly resort to minimally invasive techniques. This makes Yashoda hospital one of the best options to get yourself or your loved one treated.

The hospital has ambulance services available at all times. These ambulances are equipped with necessary machines and devices to take X-rays and conduct other tests on the way and these reports are sent to the trauma centre online where the doctors can prepare accordingly. A specialist is also sent along to stop the bleeding in case of external wounds. The doctors use grafts, pins, screws and other fixation devices. The patient may be kept in the ICU for some time and is then shifted to the general ward where physiotherapy is started. The time take for recovery depends upon the adversity of the injury. Since accidents can happen to anyone hence our staff is trained to treat patients belonging to every age group be it, adults or children. The hospital even has a team of pediatric surgeons who assist the trauma surgeons in case the patient is a child or infant. Yashoda hospital is not only trusted by the patients coming from Delhi and surrounding areas but other parts of India as well.

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