Unrelated Donor Transplant

Unrelated Donor Transplant

Bone Marrow Transplant largely depends on a matched HLA or a Histocompatible match, which, generally comes from a related donor due to unique DNA design in each person. Finding a matching donor in relation is not a difficult and can be easily found but in some cases it is seen that a person may not have a matching HLA within family. In that case, doctors look for similar HLA in unrelated donors.

It is to be noted that, finding an unrelated donor is not a difficult task, in fact out of 100 almost 60 can be a healthy match. Doctors can also extract healthy stem cells from partial matches as well. The extraction procedure for unrelated donor is also similar to that of a related donor.

Extraction procedure for Bone Marrow
Bone Marrow and stem cells can be extracted directly from hip bone or from the peripheral blood stream. The process of collecting stem cells directly from blood involves, inducing the stem cells to flow in blood through medication, it is after that doctor take it directly from blood. Sometimes, stem cells are also taken from preserved umbilical cord blood.

At Yashoda Hospital, we take care of all the pre-requisite measures before analysing a patient and considering them for a bone marrow transplant. In case of unrelated donor, our team takes extra attention before finding the right match.

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